Recall Issues

I have been accused of:

Abdication of Duties

According to the recall petitions, the reason for the recall is: “Abdicating office holder duties by giving away board member rights to an unelected official.”

In reality: The Mequon-Thiensville Board of Education has been a policy governance board for decades.


Leading via policy governance means that the Board determines the Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan for the District: the WHY (District purpose) and the WHAT (must be accomplished).  The HOW is tasked to the educational experts: the superintendent, the administrative team and staff.  In other words, both the school board and the superintendent have essential leadership roles that are interconnected but different. The School Board governs the district which is administered by the superintendent. Educational research demonstrates that this division of labor, perspective and insight results in the best outcomes for students. 

Policy is the leadership tool used to provide clear guidance to the superintendent and district personnel.  Policy establishes the parameters within which the district operates (what must occur and what must NOT occur.) Policy ensures proper management of the school district and school district resources.  

Here is a link to MTSD policy 5200 : Student Attendance.  Using this policy as an example, you can see the depth and power of policies.

Additional MTSD policies can be accessed from the district website or here.  


The argument that the I have abdicated my responsibility if, as a member of the Board, I delegate authority to the Administration to make decisions within approved board policy, is not accurate, it is wrong.  I assure you: I have NOT abdicated any of my duties or voting rights.


Additionally, we have legal opinion supporting the legality of this process:


"There is nothing illegal or contrary to statute with your District’s governance model. The Board has the power and discretion to delegate management and rule-making to the District Superintendent for the operation and management of the District. Wis. Stat. § 120.13(1)(b) specifically provides: “In addition to rule-making authority granted school boards under par. (a), the school district administrator, or any principal or teacher designated by the school district administrator, may make rules with the consent of the school board.” Section 120.12(1) also contemplates the Board giving authority to other administrators: “Subject to the authority vested in the annual meeting and to the authority and possession specifically given to other school district officers, have the possession, care, control and management of the property and affairs of the school district.” Superintendents also have “general supervision and management of the professional work of the schools” and are to “perform duties as the school board requires”. Wis. Stat. 118.24(2)(a) & (c). From our review, no statute specifically requires the Board only to make a decision regarding safety protocols within the school, especially in a situation where the Board already approved a decision framework and delegated authority to implement it to the Superintendent."

Reject the Recall.

Retain Integrity.

Re-elect the four Board members up for recall.

Hollander, Khan, Schultz and Francour

Honestly Keeping Students First