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Why re-elect Chris Schultz?

Being the target of a recall action has caused me to revisit and redefine my purpose for being

a Mequon-Thiensville Board of Education reexamine My WHY.


Why did I decide to join the MTSD Board of Education? 

Within months of my retirement from teaching in the District, I spent

considerable time and energy to actively campaign for a seat

on the MTSD Board of Education because I felt it vitally important

that an educator’s perspective become part of the conversation

at the Board level.  I wanted to ensure that decisions being made

included insights from this oh-so essential profession.  


After winning the election, I listened. I learned. I grew as a Board member

by attending workshops and conventions and webinars.

I added my insights as a retired educator to make our District even better.

Why am I currently on the MTSD Board of Education?  (What is my value to the District?)

I deeply, consistently, without fail, hold student welfare and achievement at the forefront of my conversations, questions, and decisions. I am as invested and committed to the welfare and achievement of MTSD students as I was during my 17 years teaching students at Homestead High School.  

During my almost 6-year tenure on the Board I have served as Board clerk, as policy committee member, as MTSD delegate to the Wisconsin State Education Convention, and as MTSD representative to CESA 1.

Why should I be re-elected after a recall?

I should be re-elected, survive the recall, because I am the same person, the same educator, the same Board member that has by thought, word, and deed helped our District become outstanding for the last 23 years.  I am still the same humble, dedicated volunteer civil-servant that responsibly, with integrity has done all I can to ensure that our students receive the outstanding education that is the MTSD legacy.


The truth is, I have become an even stronger Board member during these past months, as I have grown in knowledge, understanding, empathy and grace. Retain experience, dedication, and proven responsibility.

Please vote to re-elect the four Board members up for recall.

Hollander, Khan, Schultz and Francour

Honestly Keeping Students First